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The Evolution

Nearly five years ago I started my blog. I was one of a few plus size fashion bloggers in the Seattle area. Proud of my style for a plus size woman, I embarked on sharing myself, my life, and my…

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The Shift

Six months ago today, I made the commitment to make a change to my lifestyle. I never thought that I would see great success. In fact, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to make positive changes in my…

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25 Faces

25 Faces: Dana Williams

[25faces_intro] I’m quite blessed when it comes to my Zumba family. Dana Williams is another one of my truly inspirational instructors, whom I’ve had the opportunity to Zumba with her for about 3 years now. Dana is a 50-something divorcee….

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25 Faces: Danielle Young

[25faces_intro] The weight loss journey can begin at any age, young and old. For most of us it’s not as easy as simply dieting and watching the weight melt away – it’s an entire lifestyle change, incorporating both exercise and…

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