The Shift

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Six months ago today, I made the commitment to make a change to my lifestyle. I never thought that I would see great success. In fact, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to make positive changes in my life. To date, I’ve lost 40 lbs. I’ve finally seen the scale under 200 lbs; I can’t remember when the last time I saw that small of a number!
Reviewing the last few years of my life, I noticed a trend. I was making changes to my behavior, or shifting, in a positive direction. Once I graduated college, I began implementing more exercise into my life, starting small at first (1 day/week) and moving to more frequent workouts (3 days/week). I saw some small changes in my body, but not significant. The women I worked out with encouraged me to make other changes. Slowly I started eating smaller portions, incorporating green smoothies, and eventually took the plunge to do an 8 Week Core Challenge that changed my life. This shift took years, each small step setting me up for success.
My lifestyle shift wasn’t easy. Actually, it was downright painful and miserable at times. Plenty of days ended in tears and cravings for anything sweet or salty (McDonald’s french fries, I want you!). A few times I gave in to my cravings; chocolate continues to be my Achilles heel. However, it was all about how I came out of those circumstances, getting right back on track the next day, which ultimately brought me to where I am today.
Each time I stayed strong and stuck with what I set out to do I became stronger and had more resolve to see this shift through. In the last few weeks alone I’ve continued to make significant changes to my life, bike riding 20-60 miles each weekend, opting to work out at the hotel gym while traveling for work, and eating out less.
My journey doesn’t end here. In October I’m planning to embark on another 8 Week Core Challenge, continuing to make positive shifts in my life. Are you ready to shift with me?
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