The Evolution

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Nearly five years ago I started my blog. I was one of a few plus size fashion bloggers in the Seattle area. Proud of my style for a plus size woman, I embarked on sharing myself, my life, and my personal style with the world – or at least my little section of the internet. It was my year to develop my blog.
Four years ago, only a few months into blogging, I received an anonymous email. To this day I can still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I can remember the feelings of hurt as I read someone’s rude words that I was “too fat to write a fashion blog”. I can remember writing the blog post on my phone in the notes section, knowing that even if the response was just for me, it was going to be great. It was my year to embrace my curves and my body and to help other women accept theirs.
Almost two years ago I was at Zumba class, when a friend told me to take a picture of myself flexing my muscles. She told me to save it and to do the same thing again in a year. In a year, I lost 70lbs, 35+ inches, 8 clothing sizes, 3 ring sizes, and a shoe size. It was my year to focus on my health and fitness.
Extreme Weight Loss
Today I am still the same Kate as I was two, four, and five years ago. I’m just a wee bit older, a tad bit wiser, and have a little more life experience under my belt. As I look back and see all that I have done over the last few years, I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, for my life, and for what’s just beyond my comfort zone. I find myself taking my experiences and encouraging others to embark on similar journeys, whether weight loss or self improvement. Just like my wise Zumba friend helped me get on track nearly two years ago, I find myself helping others find their stride and be their encouragement. It’s amazing to see the changes that occur in just a few short months.
And so I realized, it was never my year, it was just the next chapter in my life, and the next evolution of me. What will you do with your next chapter and your next evolution?
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