How I Do It: Life on the Undiet

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It’s been a while since I shared a weight loss update, so I figured it was time!
First, let’s chat results. And keep reading for some FAQs at the end!
Last May, I started the 8 Week Core Challenge, also know as the Undiet. It’s absolutely changed my life more than just my physical appearance. Since May 2014, I have lost 36.75 inches and 70lbs. I can’t even fathom this when I think about it and I still have to see the pictures to believe that it’s true.

May 2014 / January 2015

Mynt Undiet Results
Extreme Weight Loss
Weight Loss Journey on the Mynt Undiet
Since January, I’ve lost 6.25 inches and just over 10lbs. I’m seeing more muscle tone and my mid-section is slowly, but surely, shrinking! I can see some small changes in these photos, and that’s what it’s all about: changes!

January 2015 / March 2015

8 Week Transformation Results
8 Week Core Challenge Results
I’ve received so many emails and questions about the program, asking me how I do it, so I wanted to share the answers to many of those questions here:

  • Kate, you look great! How have you done it? Thank you! I completely changed my lifestyle and eating in May 2014, when I started the 8 Week Core Challenge (you may also know it as the Undiet or the 8 Week Transformation). The program is a 3-phase process designed to decrease fat and improve energy levels. It combines a healthy eating plan with “clean,” high-quality protein powder (gluten free, no soy protein, no artificial colors or flavors, no GMOs) and “boosts”.
  • Was it hard? Yes! It was absolutely difficult, but I was ready for this step. If you’re serious about changing your life and your health, this is the program for you. You can read about my first 8 Week Challenge – I was full of thinking I can’t and this won’t be successful. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.
  • Does it get easier? Yes! I didn’t think it would, but I promise you, it does. Your cravings will go away and you’ll feel so much better. I enjoy eating healthy and giving my body the right fuel. Are there still things I struggle with? Of course, I’m only human, but overall, I’m light years ahead of where I was.
  • Be honest, are you actually eating? You’re not doing like a crazy water-only diet or something, right? Yes I’m eating! The plan is based on balanced Protein-Carb-Fat (PFC) meals!
  • Isn’t it expensive to eat clean? Yes and no. The initial cost of getting started and getting your kitchen stocked can be expensive, but I find that I eat out less and I’m eating smaller portions, so it balances out.
  • What are your tips for success on the Challenge or for anyone looking to change their diet? Here are four of my tips for success, but also check out this post for more!
    • Plan. Every week I create a menu so I know exactly what I’m eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I do as much preparation as I can on Sunday (grocery shopping, meal prep, etc).
    • Read labels. I never thought I’d be that person in the grocery store scouring over labels and nutrition facts, but here I am. If I know I’m going out for dinner I also try to review the menu before going and make a mental note on the healthiest decision to order when I arrive.
    • Drink water. I used to go days without water. Just coffee, soda, juice, etc. Now I only drink water. It helps so much – no headaches, clear skin, etc.
    • Find support. Whether it’s a friend or family member, find someone that will support your journey and help you through the rough days. I remember my parents, about a day into my first challenge, said “Wow, I’m so proud of you”. It meant a lot then, and even now when they, and others, encourage me, it means so much. It’s a mental battle and you never know how tough that day might have been for someone. Likewise, if you’re going on this journey, be sure to THANK your friends and family for their support!
  • Are you still plus size? I guess technically, in terms of clothing sizes, I am not. But I’m still a curvy gal!
  • How much more weight are you looking to lose? I’m not trying to lose any more weight; I’m simply trying to continue toning and slimming my midsection. 
  • Did you give up eating out entirely? I’ve certainly cut down on how much I eat out, but I do still eat out once every couple weeks.  But even when I eat out, I do my best to find a meal at a restaurant that matches the program as much as possible. No more McDonald’s for me.
  • But Kate, I love chocolate, what do I do? The stricter you are with your diet, the faster and more dramatic results you’ll see. That being said, I’m a girl who loves her chocolate too! During my first challenge I didn’t have chocolate until 4 weeks in and I only had it once per week. Now, I will have one piece of extra dark chocolate at night as my dessert. And, I certainly celebrate holidays and birthdays with a small treat! I just hop right back on track after.
  • How much exercise do you do? When I started last May I was doing approximately 4 Zumba classes per week. Slowly I’ve increased my exercise because I enjoy it so much! Now I do 4 Zumba classes, 3 Barre classes, 2 Yoga classes, and a bike ride each week.
  • So, how do I get started? You can purchase the 8 Week Transformation kit here! PS – I want to do another 8 week challenge soon, I hope you’ll join me!