Pushing Through

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I cannot believe that it’s been over a year since my weight loss journey began. One year in the books on this new chapter in my life is a major accomplishment. I am proud of all of the changes I’ve made and successes that I’ve had throughout this journey. My friends, family, blog readers, social media followers, and so many more, have been incredibly supportive and encouraging during this experience. And might I add, thank you! You all continue to inspire me as well.
But it’s time that I be honest with you about this journey.
I don’t know that there are a lot of voices out there speaking openly about the continued weight loss journey. Once you get to your “after” point, what then? Do all of your previous struggles simply melt away? I’m pretty sure I’m not the exception when I say, “no,” and then I face the tough choice of giving up or pushing through.
Some days are hard. Really hard. Some days I want all the chocolate. Some weeks I would just rather eat out than eat healthy home-cooked meals. And then some days, it’s incredibly easy to make the healthy choices. Whether it’s easy or hard, I just keep pushing towards positive and healthy changes. I try to quell the internal dialogue so that I can stay on track and make the right choices for what my body truly needs, not what it wants.
In my experience, I’ve found that the weight loss journey is a never-ending adventure. And, at least for me, it is a challenge that I will always have. Instead of running from this challenge, I’m going to face it head on, as I’m now equipped to make smart decisions. I’m intensifying my self control and ultimately I’m incredibly happy with this “new me”.
On those days where it’s harder and you have the urge to give in and quit, keep pushing forward. You’ll get through and chances are you’ll be much happier if you stayed true to your goals. And better yet, on those days where it’s even harder, throw on your old clothes and see how much you’ve changed. I will never forget the look on Jon’s face when I walked down the stairs on Saturday wearing this dress. Jon stopped dead in his tracks and said, “That used to fit you?!”
Weight Loss Before and After
Yes, it’s totally crazy that this dress used to fit me. Even those sandals are too big for me now. I feel like a stranger in my own closet (which is a shame because I had a fabulous wardrobe). But now, in addition to pushing forward even through the hard days, I’m learning to love my body all over again. While I appreciated and loved my curves before, I’m enjoying building muscle and pushing myself to become a better and stronger athlete.
One of the lessons I continue to learn over and over again is that your body will always be YOUR body. No matter what I do, I still look like me. Meaning, no matter what weight I gain or lose, my body shape remains the same and simply put, looks like me. Just like before I lost weight, I carried more weight and muscle tone in my thighs. I continue to have bulky legs, leading one friend to describe my legs as “tree trunks of muscly-ness”. Yes, they are strong, bulky legs, but they are what allow me to continue to do all that I physically do. Even though I sometimes wish I had thinner Barbie legs, these legs are truly amazing.
So, while some days may be harder, whether to keep on track or to love your body: keep fighting the good fight. Small changes lead to big changes! It’s important to remember that it’s not just about what the scale says, but also how your clothes fit!