ClassPass Seattle

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Since going through my own weight loss journey (still a work in progress!), I’ve wanted to try and branch out to new forms of exercise. Dance has always been a passion of mine, so Zumba was a perfect fit, but now that I’m becoming more confident in my abilities, I’ve incorporated bike riding and boot camp. Doing different forms of exercise has helped me target different areas and helped me branch out overall.
Sometimes branching out into these new areas can be a bit overwhelming, but there’s where ClassPass comes in! ClassPass is an alternative to a gym membership that allows you unlimited classes at participating studios, and they just launched here in Seattle! I’m so excited about this because there are many studios around the Seattle-area and not just in the city – perfect for those of us who hate driving into rush hour traffic!
ClassPass Launches in Seattle
I’ll be trying out ClassPass this next month, will you join me? Here’s some more details:
What is ClassPass?
  • An alternative to a gym membership
  • Allows you UNLIMITED classes at participating studios
  • You are limited to 3 classes per studio per month. However, once the next month starts, you can visit that favorite studio again for 3 times!
  • Allows you to build a workout routine full of variety visiting studios of all types (barre, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, bootcamps, martial arts, strength training and more!)