Be Jeweled: Rose Necklace

Be Jeweled

This spring and summer I’ve found myself accessorizing with crisp whites – jewelry, watches, shoes, even hair accessories! I’ve never been a fan of wearing white because I’m a klutz and will always find a way to spill things like ketchup or coffee all down the front of a new white shirt. I’ve decided that white accessories are much safer for a klutz like me to wear as they won’t stain and can simply be wiped off!
About a week or so ago I stopped into my local J. Crew store and found that their¬†[shopsense shopsense_url=”” original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]Beaded Rose necklaces[/shopsense] were back in stock. I was so excited as I had missed out on them the first time around. I quickly snatched up the reddish-coral colored one and when I went to the register the sales clerk told me they had one white one left. It was too perfect to pass up!
J. Crew White Rose Necklace
The texture and matte white color are what drew me to this necklace. It’s almost like a freshly plastered wall – crisp and white, not too shiny or sparkly, but fresh and a blank canvas. The little rhinestone details at the center of each flower provide an extra sparkle.
You can find look-a-likes for this necklace almost anywhere, but none of them really can compare to the quality materials and design of the J. Crew version. If you’re looking for a white or red rosette necklace that will last you years to come I highly recommend investing in the J. Crew piece. If you’re looking for a different colored one I would recommend searching out other places that make similar pieces.
Here I am in the J. Crew Beaded Rose necklace in red and in white.
Rosette Necklace
Beaded Rose Necklace Detail
J. Crew Beaded Rose Necklace