Room & Board


Last Sunday I had the opportunity to visit the new U-village Room & Board store. I was very excited to look around their showroom and learn not only the company’s history, but the history of their furniture.
I grew up in a unique home, very different from most of the sheet-rocked homes we all live in today. I grew up far out in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My parent’s home is inside a National Forest and is built out of all types of wood. Most of our interior walls are knotted pine & cedar. Our house is more of a cabin and is very country-like and home-y, it’s not a cookie cutter house like you find in the cities today. Our house tells a story – my parents bought the property in the 70s, lived on the land for some years, and then built a weekend cabin. When I came along they knew they needed something bigger to raise a family in, so they, with the help of my family and neighbors, added onto our house.
Growing up in the country in a home built from my family’s own hands, I’ve always felt more connected to places and spaces that have a story to tell. Honestly, when I went to visit Room & Board, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to connect with them as they are a larger company. I expected them to be more like a Crate & Barrel or an Ikea store, pushing items on you that are uninviting and cookie-cutter. I don’t admit this often, so you all may want to mark it on the calendar, but I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. I was pleasantly surprised by Room & Board and I’m very happy that I stumbled upon this store. Their values are very similar to the values I was raised on – strong American-made pieces and sustainable environmental practices.
Room & Board Living Room
Though I’m not a homeowner, I do love the modern styling of classic pieces that Room & Board has in their collection. They are beautiful and high quality American-made items that help to create a warm atmosphere in your home. Many of their pieces have a retro 1960s vibe to them, which of course I absolutely love. The modern touches to these pieces of course make them appropriate for the present, but are still very fun to accent your home with. (But don’t worry, not all of their collection has a retro vibe!).
Many of their pieces have unique stories behind them, such as the type of wood, the designer, or the builder. There are just so many stories to tell about these pieces, and I wish could share them with you here. I definitely suggest checking out their store and learning more about Room & Board.
There’s one last tidbit of information I learned on my walk through Room & Board that I’d like to share with you. I’ve always found decorating a home to be slightly overwhelming as there are always so many options and ways to do things. Your home and living space is a reflection of you, and therefore its style should be similar. I found that Room & Board’s decorating style was much like my personal style – classic, timeless pieces and styles with touches of accent colors and items to complete the look and keep it modern and up to date.
I’ve included photos of my favorite rooms and items below!
Room & Board Kids Bedroom
Room & Board Kitchen