October 2016

Fall LBD

This week is a little bit like a mullet for me: business in the front and a party in the back. These next 3 days are all about getting through the work grind and then we leave for vacation! I…

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I spent some time last night cleaning up old photos and sorting through drafts of old, never published blog posts. It was an assortment of this and that: half completed thoughts, fuzzy photos, and a look back at my life…

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Maroon Skinnies Styled 3 Different Ways

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you wanted so badly, but never bought it? And then months (maybe even years) later you find it – on sale, at a discount website, secondhand store, or even a yard…

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Hydrotherapy at Yuan Spa

A few months ago I had the opportunity to stop by Yuan Spa in Bellevue and treat myself to little bit of relaxation after a busy day at work. Situated in downtown Bellevue just a few blocks away from Bellevue Square I…

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30 Days 0 Sugar

I am an athlete. I spend 10 hours or more each week working out. From cardio to strength training, my activities run the gamut. I’m always pushing to achieve more in the gym: lower squats, heavier weights, quicker rides. I’m…

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Fall Neutrals

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, especially just as the season starts to change. There’s enough crispness in the air to layer with sweaters and even toss in a peep-toe bootie here and there. Before the rain has…

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