25 Faces

25 Faces: Nancy McFadden

[25faces_intro] Perhaps one of the most inspirational women I know is my Zumba instructor, Nancy McFadden. She is not only an incredible instructor, but also has her own amazing story of tragedy to triumph. When you first meet Nancy, you’re…

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25 Faces: Nanette Reinecke

[25faces_intro] Today I want to introduce you to Nanette Reinecke. Nanette is one of the most tenderhearted, sweetest and sincerest women I know – seeing her always brings a smile to my face. I knew Nanette for close to a…

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License to Zumba

As I’ve shared in a few blog posts, my weight has always been a struggle for me, but I’ve always led an active life. I became a little more sedentary during my college years, but thanks to the help (read:…

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National Nancy Day & Photo Booth Fun

One of the most important aspects of my life is working out at Zumba, with a group of incredible women every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our “ring leader” if you will, is the wonderful Nancy McFadden. Though she can be…

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