Wearing White after Labor Day

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Traditionally, we’re purging our closets of white dresses, skirts, and pants, but in one last ditch effort to keep summer around, and further my denial that it’s actually September, I’m breaking the rule and wearing white after Labor Day! Once a rule breaker, always a rule breaker.

Wearing white after Labor Day

Don’t let my smile fool you, wearing white is a tricky affair. I was terrified of sitting in or brushing up against anything that might leave a mark. Whenever I wear white, everything that could possible stain seems to appear, literally out of nowhere. And naturally, yours truly failed to remember while packing her lunch that she was bringing along the most deadly of fruits for a white ensemble – fresh picked strawberries. Luckily, numerous napkins lining my lap and tucked into my dress like a bib protected me. Classy.

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Always the history buff, I had to look up the history of not wearing white after Labor Day. Do you know why this rule originated? Labor Day traditionally ushers in the start of fall and celebrates the end of summer. Elite socialites in the late 1800s and early 1900s created this rule in order to know who was “old money” versus “new money”.

Bauble Bar Midnight Bouquet Bib

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Dress: Calvin Klein (similar by Tahari); Jacket: Venezia (similar by Sejour); Necklace: Bauble Bar Midnight Bouquet Bib; Bracelet: Alexis Bittar (similar); Clutch: Sephora (similar by Hobo); Belt: Michael Kors (similar by Kate Spade – on sale!); Shoes: Tory Burch Reva Flats in Navy (similar Tory Burch Azalea Flats in Deep Sea)