April Giveaways: Roll Recovery

28th Birthday, Health & Fitness

As a fitness instructor and enthusiast, I try to take care of my body through the proper fuel (food) and tune-ups (stretching), keeping my body in tip-top condition to continue performing at the high-level I demand of it. I can’t just workout and eat fast food all day and likewise, I can’t workout and expect that my body will remain the same. When we workout, we demand a lot of our bodies, many times continually forcing it into the same position (think cycling). We’re forcing our body to do something for an extended period of time and then we owe it to our bodies to let it stretch out and relax after such high demand.

Being physically fit is a blessing. It also takes upkeep, but many times I can’t achieve the stretching without assistance from additional resources. (Sidenote: even if you’re currently “in progress”, these tools will be helpful!) I’ve been a big supporter of ROLL Recovery since I discovered the R8 when I was trying to find something that would help me workout my tight calves and IT band in a different way than I could achieve with a foam roller. Since discovering the R8, I’ve also grabbed the StretchMat and the R3 to round out my ROLL Recovery collection. They’re the best!

To get you started on your ROLL Recovery journey, I’m giving away a StretchMat + R3 to one lucky winner!

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Created in partnership with ROLL Recovery

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