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I seriously love barre class! I’m obsessed with trying any and all barre classes to continue toning and sculpting my physique. It’s so addicting and a surprisingly good workout. I hear all the time from new students that they’re amazed it’s so hard. Whether you’re in the best shape of your life or just starting out, I guarantee that you’ll feel the difference.
Today I’m talking with Amanda Vortmann, the Seattle Training Lead and Master Instructor of FlyBarre at FlyWheel Sports to give you all the details on what you can expect at a FlyBarre class.
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Amanda Vortmann’s passion for fitness and performing arts runs deep. Before becoming a FlyBarre instructor she spent 10 years in New York City working in the performing arts. She was happy and fulfilled in that profession but became tired of traveling around and switching contracts several times a year. After getting married Amanda wanted to find a job that would exercise her physical and performing passions as well as offer her more stability and keep her in her home city.
Enter FlyBarre.
FlyBarre was born in January 2011 and a good friend of hers was working for the company. They were actively seeking instructors for the fast growing FlyBarre program and she sought her out. After Amanda took her first class and she was hooked! Everything fell into place after that – she started teaching for the company and was one of the first ten instructors. Five and a half years and two children later, she’s still here loving it as much as she did on day one. Amanda has held the position of Director of Continuing Education for FlyBarre before moving west stepping down to the Seattle Lead Instructor position to focus on her family. She loves pursuing her passions which is why she also holds a certification in Pre/Post Natal fitness. Amanda wanted to have children and be able to maintain a high level of fitness and to be able to share that with other women who want families. How great is that?!

Kate: What is FlyBarre?
Amanda: FlyBarre is a total-body sculpting class that blends light weight training with core strengthening exercises to create the ultimate toning experience. FlyBarre is a fun, high-energy workout that quickly tones and strengthens muscles. We switch up our routines frequently, so even though we always concentrate on arms, core, thighs, and glutes, we guarantee you won’t get bored. As the perfect complement to Flywheel, FlyBarre completes your full body workout.
K: Why is it called FlyBarre?
A: The FlyBarre program is a part of Flywheel Sports, designed to complement the workout you receive in stadium cycling. It is a Barre styled fitness regime and is therefore called FlyBarre.

K: What make FlyBarre classes special? How is it different than other boutique barre classes?
A: At Flywheel Sports, music is vital to our classes. Every instructor assembles a unique playlist for each class designed to inspire, motivate and make you smile. We have a wide array of exercises to choose from and can create a new order to class every time – no two classes are ever the same. Together, this keeps the classes interesting as well as intelligently crafted. On top of that, we are constantly offering new exercises and new modifications to consistently challenge your body and never plateau. We currently have five types of class FlyBarre60, Power45, FlyBarre Sport, Arms&Abs and Tone&Stretch.
K: What can I expect during my first class?
A: The first class can be a little overwhelming as we have several pieces of equipment (balls, bands, weights) and a large vocabulary of exercises for each instructor to choose from. Your mind is constantly tuned in to what the instructor is asking of you. On top of that, you are accessing so many muscles that you are highly physically challenged. Chances are that you will get the shakes and might feel like your appendages will fall off from exhaustion. I promise you, your body will not fall to pieces on you, you will feel so empowered at the end of class and walk out knowing you rose to the challenge.

K: From the name barre, I think ballet or dance, do I need previous dance experience?
A: You absolutely do not need to have dance experience to do FlyBarre! Proper form (posture) is key so body awareness is important but all instructors are very tuned in and are there to adjust you into the correct shape. After a few classes, muscle memory will be stronger and the form will become much more accessible.
K: What muscles does it work?
A: All the muscles of the body are worked.The major muscles (e.g. quads) as well as the smaller, deep, connecting muscles that you’ve never felt before.
K: Is barre only for women?
A: FlyBarre is for everyone: all body types, all sexes, can be adapted for all injuries and is safe (and beneficial) during pregnancy. We have a wide range of classes that appeal to men and women alike. We have many male instructors company wide and loyal male clients that come consistently. We also have a strong population of clients that “double up” and do back to back Flywheel and FlyBarre so that they receive a total body workout in 1.5-2 hours.

K: What are the benefits to adding in FlyBarre to my fitness program?
A: You will be working the entire body (including smaller muscle groups that you aren’t used to activating) as well as increasing your core strength exponentially; your muscles will become longer and leaner. These will support your other fitness routines, bringing them to a higher level of success as well as benefiting your physical comfort in your daily life.
K: What type of gear do you recommend wearing to a FlyBarre class?
A: Form fitting, comfortable, active wear. No shoes or socks required!

If you’ve ever wanted to try FlyBarre (or FlyWheel) I’m giving away 5 class passes to one lucky reader! Here’s how to enter, but keep reading for more about Amanda and her journey as a FlyBarre instructor!
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K: What’s it like to be a FlyBarre instructor?
A: Being a FlyBarre instructor and an employee of Flywheel sports is pretty amazing, I love it! I get to work with inspiring clients who push themselves and set new challenges and goals for themselves every class. Every class I teach is different and I love creating a “fitness journey” by placing certain muscle groups or exercises in a specific order. The fact that i get to pair that up with music that makes me smile just intensifies my job love.
K: You work out for a living! Do you do your own workouts too?
A: I wish I could fit Yoga, Pilates and more Flywheel classes into my weeks but I’m pretty busy running around with my two boys (Colin 2 1/2 and Lucas 11 months). They keep me active and inshape outside of the FlyBarre studio.
K: What was the road that led you to FlyBarre?
A: I was a professional dancer looking to transition out of performing in the theater. A fellow ex-performer invited me to check out FlyBarre, there rest is history.
K: How do you prevent your body from breaking down after so many classes per week?
A: I try to get enough sleep and rest! I drink as much water as I can remember to. I also do myofascial foam rolling to release lactic acid and help my muscles to recuperate.
K: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during your class?
A: One day, when teaching in NYC, the strap on my top unhooked itself and I flashed the room. It was brief but embarrassing.

Special thanks to FlyBarre + FlyWheel for partnering with me on this post!

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