Winter Workout Wear

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I can’t believe it’s March and we’re still getting snow! While I am ready for spring, I won’t turn down a good snow, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for more. Plus, it’s actually been a blessing in disguise to rotate through the winter wear a few more times. Now I don’t feel bad for buying more sweaters, leggings, and boots!

Even in winter I love to wear leggings, and you know what I’m always on the hunt for? Fleece-lined leggings. I can never seem to find a high quality pair that is actually warm, not sheer, and in a style that I would actually wear. I finally found THE perfect fleece-lined running tights, and I’m in love! The brushed navy blue color combined with blush pink accents is literally my favorite color combination right now. I found these pretty late in the season, but with the colder-than-normal temps and snow forecasts, I’ve been able to wear these for quite some time this season!

Sweatshirt // Vest // Leggings // Shoes


Do you have any fleece-lined leggings or running tights that you love? I’m still on the hunt for the perfect all black pair!

Rachael Riveira Photography