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A healthy mix of both cardio and strength training is needed in a fitness routine. So, now that we’ve looked at a few cardio options like running and Indo-Row, I want to take a look at some strength-based classes. I’m sure you’ve encountered these scary looking black and yellow straps at the gym or maybe seen them on an infomercial, and if you were unfamiliar, you may have wondered what the heck these things were for and how they work. Today we’re going to dive in to the wonderful world of TRX!
TRX is an incredible workout that I try to work in once per week. It kicks my butt every time!
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I popped on over to Snohomish Sports Institute to chat with Paul Nicoletti, owner of SSI and TRX instructor to get the lowdown on what a TRX class is all about. But first, a little bit about Paul and his incredible credentials!
Paul was born and raised in Snohomish, Washington, and has been an athlete since he was born. He was a three sport varsity athlete in high school, but his true passion was Track and Field. It was that passion that enabled Paul to compete at the Division 1 level at Washington State University. At WSU, Paul achieved the fourth highest pole vault in school history his senior year, as well as being named WSU Track and Field Team Captain for the 2004-2005 school year. While at WSU, Paul earned a BS in Kinesiology; Movement Studies as well as a K-12 Health and Fitness Teaching certificate.
Currently, Paul is the head Track and Field coach at Snohomish High School, and specializes in teaching group speed and agility classes as well as holds certifications in USATF Level 1, Indorow instructor, TRX group fitness instructor, TRX Functional training instructor.

Kate: What is a TRX class? What does TRX stand for? What is Suspension Training?
Paul: Total Body Resistance Exercise, or TRX, is a form of exercise that utilizes your own bodyweight as the resistance in exercise. The program was born in the Navy SEALs and develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer [those black and yellow straps], a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.
K: What shape do I need to be in to participate in TRX?
P: TRX is a perfect solution for any fitness level. Since the exercises are modified to everyone’s shape and size, its perfectly modified for the beginner to extreme athlete.
K: What should I expect when taking a TRX class for the first time?
P: You should expect to push yourself and feel your body working to complete a TRX class. The first time will be new and exciting but challenging at the same time. You will leave feeling accomplished.
K: What muscles does it work?
P: All core all the time. TRX is a full body workout. There are exercises for every major muscle group in your body but all of which require the stabilization of your most important group…the core!
K: Is it cardio or strength based?
P: TRX can be cardio based or strength based depending on the flow the instructor sets.
K: What are the benefits to adding in TRX to my fitness program?
P: TRX is such a non-traditional way to exercise. Most the time when you attend a gym all the exercises are either on benches, supports or machines. When you are working with TRX, you are standing, which incorporates those much needed stabilizing muscle groups the entire time. TRX is functional, which means it enables you to do multi-planar exercises, just the way we do in everyday movements. The benefits are endless.
K: What is the best apparel and shoes for a TRX class?
P: Best gear for TRX is any type of workout apparel and low soled shoes.
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K: Can I do TRX at home? What are the benefits to participating in a class?
P: TRX can be performed anywhere, that’s why it is so great! Strap it to a door, light pole, tree, pull bar at home or on the go. Home workouts are great but they are not the same as attending a group class, where the instructor will always have ways to push you beyond what you feel capable of.
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