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We’re only three weeks into the new year, but did you know that this is the time when most folks ditch their resolution? Did you also know it takes 21 days to form a habit? So if you’re thinking of quitting now, don’t throw in the towel yet! Tough it out, you can do it! And if you’re finding that the fitness program you signed up for isn’t exactly your jam, keep checking back to read my interview with fitness professionals. Last week’s interviews with Brooks Running left many of you inspired to get back to running, and my hope is that this series will continue to inspire you to try new and different forms of fitness! (PS – if you haven’t entered to win a brand new pair of Brooks Launch 4s, it’s not too late!)

This week we’re taking a dive into Indo-Row, talking to Kalee Larson from Snohomish Sports Institute. Kalee is a wife and mom to two kids ages 5 & 7 as well as a certified Indo-Row, BootyBarre, and PoundFit instructor. Fitness and sports have always been a passion of hers but after having tough pregnancies, she found herself very overweight and unhealthy. She made the decision to get healthy and over the next several years she regained her health, strength and passion for fitness. During this time, she also realized how much she wanted to help others regain their health, self-confidence and have fun doing it.
Keep reading – there’ll be a giveaway at the end!

Kate: What is Indo-row?
Kalee: The class is just like the name implies: indoor rowing! Indo-Row uses water rowers and the class is designed to burn calories with interval training, sculpt muscles, and to be fun with a team oriented environment. The best part is anyone can do it!
K: What’s the difference between the regular rowers I see at the gym and water rowers?
KL: Water rowers simulate actual water rowing by using an enclosed tank of water with a paddle to create resistance and simulate actual water rowing with a full stroke. Just like the real deal, the challenge level automatically increases when you exert more force. Plus, you get the whooshing sound of the water! Traditional rowing machines have to be adjusted for resistance and do not simulate a full water stroke.
K: What should I expect when taking an Indo-row class for the first time?
KL: You should expect to have fun and get a great caloric burn. You may find that you feel a little inflexible as rowing asks you to use muscles that you most likely don’t use during the normal course of your day.

K: How is a rowing class structured?
KL: In my classes, we do a 45-minute rowing session to the beat of the music. To start we get warmed up with basic rowing as a group. From there we progress into more cardio-intense songs. Typically class is ended with a race of some kind, whether splitting the class in and half and battling it out or seeing who can get the most meters in a set period of time. It’s a lot of fun!
K: What muscles does it work?
KL: The rowing stroke utilizes 84% of your body’s muscle mass. From the tips of your fingers holding the handle/oar to the balls of your feet connecting to the footboard/boat and every muscle between those two points contribute to the rowing stroke. When using the water rower 60% of your power comes from your legs, 20% from your core and 20% arms.
K: What are the benefits to adding in Indo-row to my fitness program?
KL: Indo-Row is a total body workout that challenges your muscles and gives you that ‘sweaty cardio’ burn that running gives without the impact to your joints.

K: What is the best apparel and shoes for an Indo-row class?
KL: A minimalist shoe is best, so the force of pushing off the machine isn’t lessened by a thick cushioned sole. I personally use Reebok Crossfit Nanos. As far as clothing goes- something you don’t mind getting totally sweaty in. Bring your water and be prepared to have a blast!

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To jump start your fitness game, I’ve partnered with Snohomish Sports Institute to give away one week of free classes!

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Photos taken at Snohomish Sports Institute

Rachael Riveira Photography

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