My Secrets for Beating Jet Lag

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I’m finally back after a wonderful vacation to England and Scotland! More on that to come, but check out the highlights on Instagram or search the hashtag #JetSetKate!
Vacations are an incredible way not only to experience new places and cultures, but also a great way to recharge and relax. Even though my vacations are typically jam-packed with hikes, sight seeing, and some touristy stops, I still take a break from my normal ebb and flow. It’s a well-deserved break for my mind and body.
Not that I don’t love vacation, but when I know the end of my vacation is near, I get excited to come home. That goes for any travel, whether work or personal. Traveling is a lot of fun, but there is something to be said about keeping a schedule and sleeping in your own bed. Oh yeah, and those workouts!
Seriously though, the question I’ve been hearing over and over again since I got back is: How’s the jet lag? Maybe I’m just acclimated to traveling and have trained myself to sleep on airplanes, but it’s been fine. I do have two rules that I abide by in order to stay ahead of the jet lag:

  1. My secret to beating the jet lag is not taking a nap or going to sleep right away. I force myself to stay up until it’s bedtime in the location I’m in on the first day there. By the time bedtime rolls around I’m typically exhausted and have no trouble getting right to sleep. I’m up and at it the next day – if I’m just starting out a trip it’s usually packed with activities and if I’ve just returned home it’s normally back to work.
  2. For me returning home means settling back into my old schedule. The same wake-up and bedtimes, the same eating schedule, and most importantly the same workout schedule. The first few days back I will notice I get tired a little earlier in the night, which is sometimes during my workouts, but I push through and finish to the end. I never regret it and I end up feeling better and back to normal more quickly. Plus, it can be so easy to fall out of habit; I wouldn’t want to fall out of my healthy habits!


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