There is No Finish Line

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About a month ago I was shopping. I know what you’re thinking: That’s such a surprise, Kate! You never shop. As I was doing my normal walk through Nordstrom, I saw this tanktop. The colors caught my eye, but what it said stuck with me: There is No Finish Line. I walked out of the store without buying the top, but kept thinking about it…
Then, after weeks of checking that the shirt was still available online, I purchased it. There was just something that stuck with me about that phrase. Surely there is a finish line, isn’t there? If I run a race and go through the yellow tape at the end, I’ve crossed the finish line. If I complete a Zumba class, a barre class, a bike ride, etc., I’ve made it to their respective finish line(s). But then I realized, once I cross those finish lines, there are more and more finish lines to cross; new goals have been set whether intentional or not, to achieve the next level.
Putting this phrase in the context of my weight loss journey is probably the easiest light for me to realize that there is no true finish line. After my first 8 week challenge and losing 30lbs, I wanted to keep going and complete another 8 week challenge, and another, and another. At the same time, I wanted to do more and more athletically: teaching classes, adding in new fitness types, more endurance on cycling, incorporating running. With every finish line I cross and accomplishment I achieve, there are a new goals to complete and new finish lines to cross.

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