Hot Yoga: What to Expect

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There’s not a lot of exercises I won’t try, but for the longest time I was apprehensive about hot yoga. I’d done yoga before but had never been brave enough to try it in a “hot” environment. I hate the heat, so I figured I would hate the hot environment, but I was wrong. Ever since my first class, I’ve been addicted! Every Sunday I take a 90-minute hot hatha class. It’s the perfect way to get my week started and decompress.
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Thinking of trying hot yoga? Here’s what to expect:

  • It will be hot, and it will be sweaty! Temperatures can be up to 105-degrees. Make sure you’ve kept hydrated throughout the day, it will help.
  • Yoga is for everyone. Regardless of your fitness level or yoga experience, anyone can do it. If you ever feel too fatigued or unable to do something, you can always come back down to your mat until the feeling passes.
  • It’s “yoga-practice not yoga-perfect”. My instructors always say this, and I’ve come to learn that it’s true. It’s my personal practice and no one is watching or judging if I can’t do something.
  • Every class is different. While this is true with any workout, I think I can feel a hard day more. If I haven’t hydrated appropriately or if I’m very stiff from a previous workout, I can automatically tell. Bug again, it’s yoga practice, so go with the flow.
  • You will likely feeling AMAZING afterwards. There’s something about hot yoga that gives you a glow and a smile on your face. You’ve earned it!

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Wondering what to wear to your hot yoga class? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered there too! Shop my picks:
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