On the Trail

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1 - Centennial Trail in Snohomish, Washington
Weird fact about me: I’m not a huge fan of the outdoors. Or, at least I wasn’t. The summer was too hot, the spring was too rainy, the winter was too dark, and the fall was too… crisp? I could always find something to keep me indoors, any excuse not to go outside more than necessary, really. But the strangest thing happened through my weight loss journey: I was able to reconnect with the beautiful outdoors!
2 - Athleta Lookout Vest & Athleta Pure Top
I wanted to bike ride and soon those warm summer bike rides turned into crisp fall rides to snowy, freezing winter rides and rainy spring rides. Much like my weight loss transformation, it happened so slowly I didn’t really even notice, until one day I looked in the mirror and realized I was willingly going outdoors (or griping that the weather was too bad to permit for such activities).
Yesterday I found myself in Texas, lacing up a pair of running shoes and willingly embarking on my second run in recent years. Luckily, the humidity Texas was experiencing had subsided – Sunday’s run was hot and humid – and I was able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. It was in that moment that I realized just how much I’ve changed and how enamored with trails and the outdoors I’ve become.
3 - green trail running and hiking vest

Vest // Top // Leggings // Shoes

4 - green and gray trail outfit
5 - Lululemon Align Pant in green
6 - hooded vest
7 - Nike Women's Free Distance Running Shoes
8 - Kate Retherford of All Things Kate
9 - stylish trail gear
10 - what to wear on the trail

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