Plaid, Stripes, and Leopard


1 - All Things Kate in Paige Denim, Shoes of Prety, J.Crew, Kam Dhillon Glasses, Kendra Scott via Rocksbox
Despite a few errant rain showers this weekend, the sun was shining bright 90% of the weekend. It was glorious and had me dreaming of spring (and even better, summer). There’s only 25 days until spring, and I’m so excited! Blooming flowers, sunshine, warmer temperatures, and of course a bit of rain. I can already tell the season is slowly changing when we ride bikes. We’re slowly peeling more layers off. It’s great!
2 - Pattern Mixing striped shirt with buffalo plaid vest
This weekend I started swapping out some of my heavier sweaters and scarves with lighter wash denim and patterned shoes. Transitioning between the seasons, especially winter to spring, is a bit of mixing winter colors, hues, and patterns with ankle skinnies and bold shoes. In a word: perfection.
3 - Kam Dhillon Glass Frames from Coastal with Kodak BlueReflect Lenses
So, let’s talk glasses. I’m slightly nearsighted, but staring a computer screen all day for my day job and blogging can cause my eyes to be tired. These glasses from feature Kodak BlueReflect lenses, a new technology to combat digital eye strain.  I didn’t even realize digital eye burn was a ‘thing’ but since using these lenses, I can totally tell the difference. Every morning when I get to work, I pop on these lovelies and get to work!
4 - how to wear a buffalo plaid vest
I was a bit worried about the blue reflection of the lenses and how it would look. There is a slightly noticeable blue-ish tint to the lens in certain lights, but overall it’s not noticeable. When wearing the lenses in front of a computer screen, there is a yellow tint to the screen but my eyes don’t get tired like they used to, so it’s definitely worth it!
5 - Paige Denim Skinnies with Leopard print loafers
Oh yeah, we HAVE to talk about these Shoes of Prey loafers. How adorable are they?! I designed these myself at Shoes of Prey, including the lovely red leather interior! Shoes of Prey is essentially the ultimate go-to place to design your shoes. You can select everything from your toe shape, heel height, colors, and materials. I’ve spent hours on their site designing shoes, but eventually settled on these leopard lovelies and a solid black loafer with tassels (and pink interior).
7 - stylish glass frames
8 - Leopard print loafers
9 - Circular Red Door with wreath
10 - Shoes of Prey Custom Leopard Print Loafers
11 - casual Friday outfit for the office
12 - Target Home Welcome Mat
13 - Kate Retherford Snohomish Style Blogger

Top // Vest // Jeans // Glasses c/o // Earrings c/o Rocksbox // Shoes (similar here and here) c/o Shoes of Prey // Home Mat (similar)

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