A Classic LBD


Back in high school, I dressed very nicely. Okay, I dressed nice for about a year. I went to private school and we had a somewhat strict dresscode, and were encouraged to dress nicely. One year, I literally wore everything Banana Republic. My mom and I went to the downtown Seattle Banana Republic, I selected basically an entire new wardrobe, which was then tailored to fit me. I remember I had a fabulous light blue peacoat, a khaki trench coat, a lightweight spring trench coat, three silk skirts (green, maroon, and floral print), and a little black dress. This one to be exact.
Kate Retherford, Snohomish based Style Blogger
When my mom brought it over to my fitting room, I made the loudest scoff. Like I would wear THAT. The dress had absolutely no hanger appeal, but my mom said: “Sometimes things look better on than they do on the hanger,” and so I reluctantly tried it on. As the dress was zipped, it was perfect. It fit like a glove and made me look like a million bucks. My mom, never missing a beat said, “I told you so.” And to this day, she still won’t let me forget this story.
Ironically, I ended up wearing this dress for a yearbook photo. I was voted “Most Fashionable” and paired it with a pink cashmere cardigan, pearls, and even curled my hair. Shortly after that, the dress no longer fit. My mom didn’t want to donate it or sell it at a yard sale because she loved that dress so much for me. And so it hung in my closet for years. And years. And then one day a few months ago I tried it on. And it fit! It’s even a little loose in places.
And so, for today, I wanted to revive a classic LBD. This dress is going on 11 years old, but the timelessness of the cut and material has made it an everlasting piece. Here are to many more wears of this magical LBD!
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