2014: A Year in Review


I can’t believe it’s that time again where we’re wrapping up another year! It seems like just yesterday I was looking back on 2013 and wondering what 2014 would hold for me. It turns out, 2014 was a great year! This year, I lost over 50lbs, was voted Best Fashion Blog in 425 Magazine, interviewed 25 inspirational women to celebrate my 25th birthday, was featured in the Inspirational Woman Project, and partnered with Goodwill for a style series. I also traveled to France, Norway, and Italy this year, amongst many quick trips around Washington and trips around the U.S. for work. I did so much, and achieved so much that I never thought possible, let alone packing it into one year! 2014 was a whirlwind adventure, and I am so excited for 2015!

Looking back at my blog throughout the year, I wanted to share the top 5 posts in body image, style, and travel, with a bonus in each category of my favorite post! As I was pulling together this list, I couldn’t believe that some of these posts, which I had to dig back in the archives to find, were written this year! I hope you have as much fun looking back through these posts as I did. And, as always, thank you for being such an awesome community and supporting my blog!

Top 5 Body Image Posts of 2014:

8 Lessons Learned from the 8 Week Core Challenge

The 8 Weeks that Changed My Life

The Shift

8 Week Core Challenge

Core Challenge Week 8

Kate’s Favorite: 20 Things I Didn’t Realize about Losing Weight

8 Week Core Challenge Results May 2014 : December 2014

Top 5 Style Posts of 2014:

A Little Bit of Birkenstock

A Statement Scarf

Layered Up

Green & Gold

What is a Winter Dress?

Kate’s Favorite: Pink Stripes & Gold Baubles

Flirty Twirly Skirt

Top 5 Travel Posts for 2014:

Weekend Trip to Port Townsend

5 Days in Paris

5 Days in Norway

3 Days in Naples

3 Days in Rome

(and we can’t forget 36 Hours in Sicily!)

Kate’s Favorite: Weekend Trip to La Conner, Anacortes, & Friday Harbor


Last, but not least, I can’t forget to mention my favorite project this year, 25 Faces. In April, I interviewed 25 inspirational women in my life for my 25th birthday. I wanted to share each one of these women’s stories with you! As it would be impossible to choose five of my favorites, I want to mention each of them here – if you haven’t already, please do read their stories – they’re so inspirational!

Liz Dolan

Veronica Dodson

Nanette Reinecke

Bri Seeley

Nancy McFadden

Amanda Winters

Yolanda Marshall

Natalie Spencer

Alana Koponen

Kyla Merwin

Megan Leibold

Kaylee McFadden

Makara Thach Sernett

Molly Helmuth

Danielle Young

Katie Schinnell

Michele Burklund

Dana Williams

Susan Blythe-Goodman

Lauren James

Valeriya Kostova

Jenna Reyna

Rita Hibbard

Sarah Wennersten

Jamie Doss-Glockzin

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