2014 Fashion Blog Outtakes


I’m not going to lie, one of my favorite parts of taking outfit photos is seeing the hilarious outtakes. Sometimes they are even better (and funnier) than the photos I share in the outfit posts! Every year I start a new folder on my desktop titled “Outtakes” and drop my favorites there until the end of the year. I can’t believe that another year has come and almost gone, but here we are. Hopefully these pictures give you a good chuckle and you’ll see more of what my personality is like! Can’t wait to see what outtakes 2015 holds!

Sometimes I intentionally make funny faces to see if my photographer can catch them!
From: Weekend Trip to Port Townsend

Sticking Tongue Out

Other times I’m trying to do something cool, like twirl my dress, but it just doesn’t work out and I nearly fall over! (I almost lost my shoe in this one!)

Twirl Test gone awry

Believe it or not, I can be a bit bossy. I was probably trying to direct my boyfriend to wait until I was camera-ready for a photo.
(From: Summer + Bike Trails)

Please stop talking

And other times I’m just a bit goofy…
(From: Goodwill Style: Mended Coat)

Fashion Blogger outtakes

But any time a bug buzzes near me, I have a minor panic attack…
(From: Pink Dress, Blue Houses)

I see a bug!

When the camera just isn’t cooperating, I get bored and try to be funny.
From: Goodwill Style: Lace Dress)

Silly Fashion Blogger Face

And then I just get tired – being in front of the camera is exhausting!
(From: Neon + Floral)


But then I spot a spider and freak out.
(From: Red Lips)

There is a bug over there

And of course, caught mid-sneeze while smelling the roses!
(From: Pink Stripes & Gold Baubles)

Sneezing in the roses