25 Faces: Bri Seeley

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At one time or another I think every little girl dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Bri Seeley of Bri Seeley Designs was one of those little girls who dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. By the age of 7, Bri was learning how to sew, and shortly thereafter began designing her own clothes. She followed her passion through her schooling, earning both a Bachelor and Master degree in fashion design.
25 Faces - Bri Seeley
Launched in 2010, Bri Seeley is a Los Angeles based luxury fashion brand that inspires women’s wardrobes by creating feminine fashion for vibrant and passionate women. The styles are contemporary with intriguing details and Made in America with the highest quality fabrics.
Kate: You became interested in fashion at an early age. What piqued your interests?
Bri: It was an easy way for my Grandmother to entertain me after school and just became part of who I am – like my genetic makeup. I don’t actually recall ever choosing fashion. It’s just what I’ve always done.
K: What inspires you and your designs?
B: Women – the collection was created to help women embrace what it truly means to be a woman and not just look like one. My vision is for women to fill their wardrobes with clothes that reflect their vibrant and passionate lives. I create fashion that inspires women to celebrate life and embrace their femininity. Fashions that support women in being the best versions of themselves. Fashions that cause women to walk into their closets every morning and say “What do I get to wear today?”
Bri Seeley Designs
K: What made you move from Seattle to LA?
B: Seattle was a great place for me to start my business. I was able to build a following and establish a solid foundation from which to grow. But when it came time to expand my manufacturing capabilities, wholesale accounts, and stylist relationships – I knew that Seattle could no longer support the direction I was taking my brand. Being in Los Angeles has increased my editorial, celebrity, and red carpet placements, put me within walking distance of multiple manufacturing facilities, increased my brand presence, and expanded my options for sourcing.
K: Do you have a personal favorite go-to fashion item?
B: Sunglasses! I wear them rain or shine…. My new favorite sunglass company is [shopsense shopsense_url=”none” original_url=”http://www.shopzerouv.com/” save_to_store=”true”]ZeroUV[/shopsense] – they’re high quality but still priced reasonably.
K: What would you tell the dreamers who have big hopes and dreams?
B: Go for it! The most important things to embrace are – confidence, trust, and determination. And make sure to surround yourself with positive and inspiring mentors.

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