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Be Jeweled

Recently one of my go-to places for jewelry has been [shopsense shopsense_url=”” original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]J. Crew[/shopsense]. I’ve always been a fan of the J. Crew style (not just jewelry), but growing up my mom didn’t want to drive me all the way to Seattle or Bellevue to find our nearest J. Crew store; for years I lusted after their beautiful aesthetic. Now that I’m an adult and I can drive myself around, I’ve rediscovered J. Crew. Unfortunately their clothes aren’t the best option for me but they have an amazing [shopsense shopsense_url=”” original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]selection of jewelry[/shopsense]!
J. Crew Crystal Compilation Necklace
Today’s piece is a beautiful selection from J. Crew, the [shopsense shopsense_url=”” original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]Crystal Compilation Necklace in Sunwashed Aqua[/shopsense] (it also comes in [shopsense shopsense_url=”” original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]clear crystal[/shopsense]). What originally drew me to the piece, and specifically the colored crystal one, was the beautiful styling and complimentary colors. Personally, I think it can be difficult to find a multi-colored piece that’s tastefully and artfully done without being too overwhelming, but this piece has an understated elegance that’s reminiscent of art deco style jewelry.
Since I’ve purchased this piece I’ve styled it with both jeans and dresses. If you already have a plain crystal piece in your wardrobe I recommend going with the colorful version to kick up your wardrobe.
J. Crew Jewelry
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