August 2014

Robert Leonard Salon

I have a theory about styling your hair and why some of us are so “hair-challenged.” If you’re the oldest or, in my case, an only child, you never need to learn how to do your hair; your mom was…

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Summer + Bike Trails

Bike trails seems to be my thing lately. Nearly every weekend, Jon and I hit the trails around Snohomish and King County to go for a leisurely bike ride. I say leisurely loosely because are 30-mile bike rides really all…

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Summer Date Night

I can’t believe we are halfway through August! It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed summer, and now the season is slowly starting to change to fall. Hopefully we have a few more weeks of summer left – I…

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Goodwill Style: Weekend Wear

Last up on my Goodwill style series is a post all about taking chances and experimenting with your personal style. The best part about thrift shopping is that you don’t need to pay full price to try out a more trendy…

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Wine, Women & Shoes – Seattle + Giveaway

I’m excited to share a great event – Wine, Women & Shoes is coming to Seattle, all supporting a noble cause! WWS is a one-of-a-kind benefit event, created for women who enjoy fine wine, great style and female camaraderie –…

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Goodwill Style: Polka Dots

Today’s lesson in thrifting is all about hanger appeal. You know how you see something and think to yourself, “That looks absolutely terrible! Who would wear that?” As it turns out, my mother was right – you shouldn’t always judge…

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