November 2012

Am I Too Fat?

Yesterday I received an email submitted through my blog. It was submitted anonymously and simply stated: “arnt you too fat to write a fashion blog?” You asked, and now I will answer.  Dear anonymous, Simply stated, the answer is “no,”…

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Under My Umbrella

It’s that time of year again – the rainy Washington weather is back in full force, so as any true Seattle-ite I’m carrying an umbrella! Okay, okay, I realize most of us Washingtonians don’t do that (and in fact I…

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Andrea & Tyler’s Wedding

This last summer I was honored to be asked to be a part of my friend Andrea’s wedding. I’m very excited to share some photos with you from her beautiful wedding day! Andrea and Tyler’s relationship started where all real…

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Fall Mini Shoot

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Rachael from Rachael Riveira Photography hosted a Fall Mini Photoshoot. It was a great event with 30 minute blocks for photos. My friend Veronica and I split one of the sessions to get…

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Fashion Flashback: Saddle Shoes

  Saddle shoes are a traditional part of any poodle skirt Halloween costume, so as I was preparing my Halloween costume this year I made it my goal to acquire a pair of black & white saddle shoes for the…

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