6 Questions About My Second Hot Air Balloon Ride

Arizona, Travel, United States

There are few things in life that I will happily wake up before 6am for, but a hot air balloon ride makes the cut! It’s such a magical experience and it should definitely be on your bucket list.

Created in partnership with Visit Phoenix + Hot Air Expeditions

This was my second hot air balloon ride (last fall I floated over the Willamette Valley in Oregon), and I loved the experience just as much as my first ride. After my first ride, I answered 21 questions about your first hot air balloon ride, and now I’m answering 5 common questions I received after my second ride:

  1. Is it worth it to go on a second hot air balloon ride? Absolutely yes!
  2. Was the experience different the second time around? This time I knew what to expect and wasn’t nervous about the ride. I was able to fully enjoy the ride. While the ride itself was very similar, the scenery around me was very different!
  3. Is it hot? My first ride was in the fall in Oregon, so the weather was very crisp and we were bundled up in long pants, jackets, and scarves. This time I was in Phoenix in July. It was around 90-degrees during the ride and the heat from the flame did make the ride warm – there was no need for extra layers!
  4. What was your favorite hot air balloon ride? I really can’t answer that question! Both experiences were very different from each other and I was able to see such a unique perspective of each destination.
  5. Would you go again? Yes, I would go again! Whether I was able to go again in Willamette Valley or Phoenix, or somewhere new, I would absolutely do this experience again.

Created in partnership with Visit Phoenix + Hot Air Expeditions