Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with twirling. I had to wear dresses or skirts to elementary school as part of the dress code (only pants on PE days!) and at some point in time I became obsessed with twirling around in my skirts and dresses. Maybe it’s the dancer in me, but my love for twirling has only continued to grow over the years!

Even now as an adult, I find myself doing the twirl test in dresses and skirts when I’m shopping. If it has good twirl quality, chances are I’ll probably buy it! But the twirling doesn’t stop there! If someone compliments me on my dress or skirt I’ll say, “Oh and it twirls too!” and then I’ll give it a whirl whether I’m at the office, the gym, or even the grocery store.
And you know what? It makes people laugh.

Maybe they’re laughing at me, maybe they’re laughing because they think it’s hilarious that a grown woman is twirling or maybe they’re laughing because it’s adorable. Regardless, twirling is a simple action that automatically throws us back to our carefree childhood days, when twirling in public was the norm. In our busy, bustling world I think we need more of those moments that remind me us of carefree days and childlike love, don’t you?

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Rachael Riviera Photography