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In the digital age we live in, it can be so difficult to detach from all the stresses of life. In our “always on” culture with our insatiable need to “have it now,” it’s easy to feel swallowed up and unable to keep your head above water. What to do during those times? Unplug. Recharge. Rejuvenate.
I know, I know. It might not always be possible. Maybe your current work or financial situation won’t allow for it, maybe you find it impossible to entirely disconnect from the digital world around you (#guilty), or maybe you have no paid time off. During those hard times, of course, you have to push through, but know that it will get better. Prioritize in your mind that when it does get better, you’ll take some “me” time and unplug.
Kate Retherford of All Things Kate
Before I was hired on at my current job, I was a contractor and I had a second job. It was brutal, with odd hours, and no days off. I went at this pace for nearly two years, working overtime, nights and weekends. During those two years it was cutthroat, but I knew if I kept pushing myself it would turn out better in the end. And it did. When I was hired on, I was finally able to take some time off, and it was glorious. It’s such a blessing to have time off and that is never lost on me, partly because I had to bust my behind to get to where I am today.
But even now I find myself burning out. I do have a busy schedule, my workouts coupled with my blog is basically a second job. And in those times it’s as important as ever to unplug, recharge, and rejuvenate.
This past weekend, I took a 3-day weekend. It was glorious and (for better or for worse) I didn’t check my work email. I occasionally checked my personal social profiles, and otherwise, I worked on a lot of projects around the house.
Taking time to invest your complete health & wellness, from working out to, eating right, and knowing when to take a step back, leads to a more emotionally rejuvenated you!
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