Splash of Pink


Styling tights with a bodycon dress
On Monday mornings, there is nothing I love more than getting dressed in a killer dress and heading to the office to start kicking butt and taking names. I never feel more powerful and confident than when I’m wearing a bodycon dress, a work appropriate one of course! (Maybe this is why my nickname is E.P.???)
Seattle Goodwill fashion finds
Since losing weight, I’ve actually had a hard time finding dresses that I really love. Nowadays, it’s definitely about trying many different pieces on to find the right fit and the one that has that extra special pizzazz to it. This lovely little number I actually stumbled upon at Goodwill. At the time that I tried it on, it was still a bit too tight (it’s a stretchy ponte knit fabric), but for $12 I decided that I would buy it and try it on again in a few months. Now it fits!
It’s a little shorter than I’m personally comfortable with for the office (plus I have some translucent legs), so wearing this in winter is perfect with a pair of black tights and a blazer. For a bold look, I wear this hot pink one (also from Goodwill!).
hot pink ruffle jacket with black and white dress
Clarks comfortable work pumps
Multi level black statement necklace
Colorblock black and white dress
Black statement necklace
comfortable office wear
hot pink ruffle jacket
Dress (similar here and here) via Goodwill // Jacket (similar) via Goodwill // Tights // Shoes (similar) // Necklace (similar)
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