Plaid on Plaid


Spotting this [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”″ save_to_store=”false”]buffalo plaid vest at J. Crew[/shopsense], I immediately knew that I had to make it work – in a bold way! Coming in a close second to my obsession with polka dots is an obsession with plaid, and thanks to growing up in the sticks, I was inspired to make this a little bit Seattle- and country-inspired.
For me, one of the most exciting parts of losing weight has been that I’m able to grow the number of stores I shop at and incorporate pieces from other brands and designers into my wardrobe. I’ve quietly lusted over [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]J. Crew[/shopsense] & [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]J. Crew Factory[/shopsense] styles for so long, but never quite been able to fit into them. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to discover that I am now able to fit into their pieces! If that’s not motivation to keep on this weight loss journey, I don’t know what is!
Seattle Plaid and Flannel Style Inspiration
I grew up “in the country” and so plaids and flannels of all kinds were an essential part of my wardrobe. Now that it’s cool and fashionable to wear it, I’ve basically been buying it in bulk and crossing my fingers that the trend sticks around!
It’s now been a basic for my wardrobe this season – a basic plaid or flannel shirt paired with a vest over jeans or leggings and I’m ready! Though I’ve been adamantly opposed to vests for years, this J. Crew one is absolutely perfect and I’ve been flopping between it and a solid black one. It turns out that a vest is a great compromise between a jacket and sweater. I’m able to stay warm but have full use of my arms without the bulk of a jacket.
J. Crew Plaid Flannel Inspired Outfit
Gold Stud Statement Earrings by Kendra Phillip
J. Crew Starburst Pendant Necklace
Plaid J. Crew Outfit
Sonix iPhone 6+ Cell Phone Case
J. Crew Buffalo Plaid Excursion Vest
Preppy plaid style inspiration

[shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”″ save_to_store=”true”]Vest[/shopsense] // [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]Top[/shopsense] // [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]Jeans[/shopsense] // [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]Boots[/shopsense] // Earrings (c/o) // Necklace ([shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]similar[/shopsense]) // Bracelet ([shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”false”]similar[/shopsense]) // Cell Phone Case (similar [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]here[/shopsense] and [shopsense shopsense_url=”″ original_url=”” save_to_store=”true”]here[/shopsense])