Mynt 8 Week Core Challenge

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Alternative Title: Kate’s 8 Week House Arrest (Trademark pending).
But seriously, I don’t want my smart ass personality to poison your opinion of this challenge before I’ve even told you what it is!
Weight loss has always been a struggle for me, so when I had the opportunity to try the Mynt 8 Week Core Challenge and its accompanying products, I jumped (albeit, a bit skeptically) at the opportunity. For anyone coming to read this post and going to tell me it was a bad idea to do this plan for whatever reason: I want you to understand where I’m coming from and the mindset I have going into this challenge.
Over the years I’ve tried various diets, fads, and most recently I’ve made consistent healthy changes to my eating habits. I admittedly indulge myself in yummy treats and at least one dinner out with a friend per week (Dolly, I’m looking at you). I’ve always been active, but I’ve also always been built a bit bigger than the average woman. I was taller, my hips were wider, I got boobs in 3rd grade. I spent my whole life having people tell me I was too big or too tall or too fat. I spent a lot of time being pissed about that at various stages in my life and I truly believe that even if this Challenge changes my life and I lose a lot of weight, I will still be bigger because that’s how my body is built. My shape is that of a full figured woman and I will always be that way.
I always wanted to be like my mom, who’s super petite, skinny and also a beauty queen. And then one day I realized that, even though I’m bigger than some, I’m beautiful and if people don’t like me or don’t want to be around me because of how they perceive my physical appearance, they aren’t worth my time. About two years ago I had someone email me and tell me that I was too fat to write a fashion blog and I responded to that publicly. It’s still one of my most read posts. And that moment in time further solidified for me that this is how I’m intended to be – to have this physical build and this struggle, but to be a positive impact – honest and real – to other women who also struggle with weight and body image. I’m stepping into this challenge with a mindset that if I don’t lose anything that’s okay, and if I lose something, then that’s awesome.
I realize that with all of that I still haven’t told you what this whole 8 Week Core Challenge is. So, for those of you bored with my ramblings, here it is: The Core Nutrition Program simplifies weight management and provides an effective guide for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. The 8 Week Core Challenge supplements your meals with Core premium products including protein shakes and customizable boosts that target your specific health goals. It consists of three phases: Detox, Ignite, and Thrive. The entire plan that I will be following for the next 8 weeks can be found here.
Core Challenge Products
Throughout this journey I’m going to be completely honest about my experience on this program, my successes, my struggles, and my frustrations. I’m a real person who enjoys food, especially for the social component, and my feedback will be open and honest (and hopefully a bit real). I am nervous to start such a regimented and specific plan but I also know that I have strong support with my friends and family to help keep me on track and make this a successful experiment that will hopefully yield some fantastic results!
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** I was provided the 8 Week Core Challenge Kit free of charge. All opinions are my own.