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25 Faces

This month I’m celebrating 25 years of life! It’s a milestone birthday, and though it has no major benefits (besides car insurance and rental car price breaks), I’ve wanted to make it an extra special month on my blog. So today I’m announcing [drumroll please] #25Faces.
Over the past few months I’ve found my 25th birthday looming over me, causing me to reflect on my past 24 years, the experiences, achievements, and failures I’ve had, where I’m going and where I want to be. The common theme I’ve found? People. The people I surround myself with every day, the people who inspire me. So I began to think about the amazing women in my life who continue to inspire me day in and day out, and ultimately how I want to share their inspiring stories with you.
Over the next 25 days I’ll be sharing the stories of 25 inspirational women whom I have the pleasure of calling my friends, my colleagues, and my coworkers. Their stories are very remarkable, from women chasing their dreams to become racecar drivers, fashion designers or astronauts, to women who’ve beat cancer, worked through depression, and overcome their abusers. Interviewing each woman and writing her story was an amazing opportunity to see her unique strengths, and I hope you find their stories just as inspiring!
I encourage you to return every day to experience each new story, share with your friends, and leave your own positive comments and stories of inspiration. In addition, I’m always on Twitter so feel free to carry on the conversation there using #25Faces. And if you’d like a more personal conversation, you can always email me.

25 Faces LogoSpecial thanks to Makara Sernett for this amazing logo! Check back later this month to hear her story as a part of 25 Faces!