Hipsy Headbands

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I typically find that with any elastic-type headband, it will just snap right off the back of my head within seconds of putting it on (I guess I have an odd shaped noggin?). I recently discovered Hipsy Headbands, a headband that provides adjustability to insure no headband headache, all day comfort, and a fit that is customized to your unique shape. And guess what? It worked!
Hipsy Headbands

The ultra light, non-slip and adjustable headbands from Hipsy are perfect for everyday wear. Hipsy offers a variety of popular colors and materials that are versatile enough to take you from a morning at the gym, to a day at the office and even a nice evening out!
And probably my favorite part about Hipsy Headbands is that they are meticulously handcrafted, using a special no-sew construction, and are made right here in the USA – to be more specific, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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