The Twirl Test

Plus Size Style, Style

Basically, I’m a 4 year old girl at heart. A 4 year old girl who loves to wear twirly dresses. Every time I put on a dress that might remotely have twirling capabilities, what do you think I do? That’s right, I twirl. It can be the deciding factor of a dress or skirt purchase. The twirling doesn’t end at the fitting room, but once I’m wearing it – in the office, at the mall, at a park, pretty much anywhere – I can’t help but spin and twirl around, telling my friends, family, and possibly even strangers “Hey, look! My dress can twirl!” < insert twirl here >.
What makes the perfect dress to spin around in? A-line dresses with full skirts and pleats, as opposed to body hugging dresses, and made out of light materials are often the best. Below are some pictures of my favorite moments in Twirl History!
Limitless Color Twirl Photo

Photo from: Limitless Color

Retro Summer Style Twirl Photo

Photo from: Retro Summer Style

Rebecca Anne Photography Twirl Photo

Photo from: Rebecca Anne Photography

Fit & Flare Coat Twirl Photo

Photo from: Fit & Flare Coat

Hi-Lo Dress Twirl Photo

Photo from: Not Your Average Mullet

That's The Girl Twirl Photo

Photo from: That’s the Girl!