2013 Blog Outtakes

Plus Size Style, Style

Another year coming to a close means plenty of outtakes from outfits throughout the year! Honestly, the outtakes are probably my favorite part of blogging and I save them up throughout the year to share with you. Here’s a recap of some of my favorite outtakes! Happy Holidays!

From: Chic Grunge

Talk to the Hand

From: Casual Cool

I spilled my coffee

From: Casual Essentials

It's cold outside

From: Pops of Peplum

I love smiling

From: Simply Edgy

I talk with my hands

From: The Perfect Beanie

Pretending to be a dinosaur

From: A Little Blue Dinosaur

Kicking my hees up

From: A Lacy Day in Fall

Take a picture of the shoes

From: Not Your Average Mullet

Hair Flip action shot

From: A Little Denim Jacket

Folding hands

From: Casual Weekend

Blowing in the breeze

From: Limitless Color

No more photos please

From: A Lady in a Red Dress

I'm trying to text

 From: Purple Haze