6 Holiday Hair Styles with Bocz Salon

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With the holiday season in full swing, there are plenty of parties to attend! If you’re like me you’ve probably had your outfit, complete with sparkly jewels, luscious cashmere, and shiny shoes, ready to go for weeks! But the thing that always gets me is the hair. What is one to do with her hair? I always find myself looking at it in the mirror, letting out a sigh and just wearing it straight, the same thing I do everyday. It seems too overwhelming for me to try to do something else with it, and as for hair accessories? Forget it.
I hope I’m not alone in this frustration, and confusion, of what to do with one’s hair. And, at least for me, the longer it gets, the more it seems like an untameable mess that only the pros can deal with. This weekend I teamed up with Jale at Bocz Salon to learn just how easy it is to add a little oomph to your hair this holiday season, and many of these styles can easily be done on your own. Here are 6 easy holiday hairstyles.
Old Hollywood Curls

1. Old Hollywood Curls
A mane full of large ringlet-style curls is an homage to old Hollywood and stars like Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Judy Garland. It’s one of my favorite ways to wear my hair down, and is a hair style that never goes out of style.


2. Long Waves with a Sparkly Accessory
Wearing my hair wavy or curly is a special treat. It might seem simple, but the holidays are a special time of year, so taking those extra few minutes to curl your hair (or straighten it if you’re naturally curly), is an automatic step up from your normal ‘do. By adding a crystal hair accessory, you’re ready for a more dressed up holiday party.
Hair Accessory Pictured: France Luxe Star Struck on Tige Boule

Hollywood Starlet Hair

3. Hollywood Starlet Waves
A quick and easy way to give your curled hair a bit more pizzazz is to add in a beautiful hair comb, pulling it back on one side. This is a classic styling that will add sophistication to your holiday outfit or classic little black dress.
Hair Accessory Pictured: France Luxe Scarlet Comb

Up-Do Styling with France Luxe Grand Floral Comb

4. Classic Up-do with a Twist
This is probably one of my favorite hair styles and will work well for more formal events. While it’s a more traditional up-do, the France Luxe Grand Floral Hair Comb is a bold accessory that adds a bit of sparkle and shine. Using the comb in an upside down manner gives the ‘do an extra twist and depth!
Hair Accessory Pictured: France Luxe Grand Floral Comb

Bohemian Braid Up-Do with France Luxe Star Struck

5. Bohemian Up-Do
An unstructured up-do with sparkly adornments is a fun modern take on a classic. Get creative with your sparkly hair accessories. Vintage shoe clips and brooches will work in a pinch!
Hair Accessory Pictured: France Luxe Star Struck on Tige Boule

Up-Do Styling with France Luxe Starlet Comb

6. Modern French Twist
An update on the classic French Twist, wearing looser and adding a hair comb is another great way to have your hair make a statement this holiday season!
Hair Accessory Pictured: France Luxe Scarlet Comb

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Hair Styles by Jale at Bocz Salon
Hair Accessories c/o France Luxe Hair
Lash Extensions by Wink Beauty Bar