An Open Letter to Lululemon

Body Image

Not too long ago, I had no idea who or what a “Lululemon” was. You don’t carry my size so why would I know who you are? A few friends sang your praises and, intrigued, I decided to have a look-see just to know what it was all about. Super stylish yoga-wear, what’s not to love? Doesn’t every fashion-inclined woman want to look stylish before, during AND after her workout? Don’t I want the opportunity to run around in curve-hugging stretch pants to tell the world that I just worked out and still look amazing? Maybe I didn’t even workout but I’m too lazy to get fully dressed that day so I just throw on my amazing Lululemons and run out the door but tell people I just came from my workout. I don’t know about you, but I do, and I don’t even do yoga.
As I ran my hands across the stacks and stacks of yoga clothing, they felt so soft, such high-quality! Such great colors! Of course, I knew they didn’t carry them in my size, but whatever, I’m happy with the workout clothes I have, but I did need a new bag, and who doesn’t love a scarf that’s perfect for throwing around your neck on those cold evenings after your gym/yoga/Zumba session? Naturally I snapped them both up.
I was happy with my accessories and was never really offended that you didn’t carry my size. I’ve found other brands who cater to my body type and size, and I’ve been thoroughly happy with their clothes. I’ll walk through your store from time to time, never offended, because let’s be honest, plenty of retailers and brands don’t carry my size, but I’ll still buy some of their accessories or peruse the racks just because. Plus, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on both the scarf and the bag that I purchased at your store.
But now I’ve been hearing about you a lot in the news lately, and I have to say, I’m beginning to rethink my relationship with you. So you had a little misstep with the sheer yoga pant debacle earlier this year. It happens I guess. But now we’ve got you saying that some body types just aren’t meant for yoga pants and not too long ago you refused to extend sizes in your line. Isn’t the average woman a size 14?
It’s as if we only want women sizes 2-12 to have stylish workout clothes and feel and look good while working out. Why can’t working out be stylish for those of us who are larger than a size 12? No wonder so many women feel discouraged and don’t follow through on their personal resolutions to get in shape and lose weight. It’s difficult enough to resolve and admit to yourself that a change needs to take place, but then not only do you have to mentally prepare yourself, it turns out finding clothes to work out in is going to be an issue as well. If your brand is built on exercise clothing, and subsequently, leading a healthy lifestyle, why not carry bigger sizes? And if you think that not all body types SHOULD wear yoga pants, why don’t you take the initiative to create a pant that SHOULD be worn by bigger sizes? Why not make headlines for doing something different? Encourage women of all shapes and sizes to work out and get healthy and do so stylishly.
Sure, I get that you built your business on catering to these women, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow and expand, like our waistlines as we get older and have kids, and like our minds as we realize we shouldn’t be so narrow-minded. Next thing we know, you’ll be saying it really wasn’t a flaw in the fabric but because their butts were too big for your small-sized pants.
Also, I look good in yoga pants and spandex, both for tops and pants, and I know I’m not the only plus-sized woman who feels the same way.
Kate looking awesome in Spandex
Kate and Veronica, both looking stylish in non-lululemon gear
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