Brightening up a Winter Day

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We’ve had some dreary days in Washington lately: snow, rain, freezing temperatures. You know, the beautiful winter mix. While I am not a fan of hot summer weather, I do find myself missing the opportunity to wear my beautiful summer dresses. I’ve been sticking with slacks and fun tops, sweaters, scarves, and chunky jewelry a lot this winter but every once in a while I have to break out a dress!
Jones New York Pink Dress
Today’s dress is a quick and simple way to wear a dress in the winter. I picked up this dress this summer at Macy’s. It was just sitting there all alone on a sale rack so I decided to try it on. I wasn’t too crazy about it when it was on the hanger, but my theory is if I’m going to try something on, I may as well try everything I want to on. (This is probably why I have way too much in my closet). The dress fit me well at the time (though I wasn’t crazy about it), and since the price was right (try 65% off), I decided I may as well go for it.
When I wore it for the first time at work, it got rave reviews from my friends and colleagues, so I was very pleased with my purchase. The cut of the dress combined with the gathering and flower decoration at the waist make it a very flattering fit and style for my body shape. I decided to keep my accessories to a minimum as the dress really speaks for itself. Remember, it’s okay to skip the jewelry once in a while, especially when you have an item, like this dress, that already stands out. I simply added a black cardigan sweater to keep my arms warm in the winter weather.
Always remember that just because it might not have hanger appeal doesn’t mean you should overlook something!
Brightening up a Winter Day
AllThingsKate, a Seattle Fashion Blogger
Seattle Fashion Blogger, All Things Kate
Dress: Jones New York; Jacket: Anne Klein; Sweater: B.P.; Shoes: Kate Spade ‘Loire’ Pump