O Christmas Tree

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Growing up, I have fond memories of the hunt to find the perfect Christmas tree. My mom, dad, and I as well as other friends and family would pick a new tree farm each year and hunt to find the biggest and best tree we could. Living in Washington it was generally a cold, wet, and fairly memorable experience, but I look back at it fondly now.
We always had problems finding a tree. Why? Because we have 20 foot ceilings in our house and we always tried to find the tallest and fullest tree we could. Our trees ranged in height from 15-18 feet tall, but over the years it became increasingly more difficult to find a tall and beautiful tree so a few years ago we opted for a fake tree. It’s 15-feet tall, and comes pre-lit, so that makes it much easier to decorate. We’re happy with the tree though the smell of a freshly cut tree is something we have found we miss.
Since I’ve grown up my mom’s stopped decorating the tree with cheesy homemade ornaments and has opted for a color theme each year. In recent years we’ve done blue & silver and red & white. This year we went for pink & purple with white & silver accents.
Pink & Purple Christmas Tree
Even though we go for a color theme there is one special ornament that gets put on the tree: a pink and gold Nordstrom ornament with leaves on it. I can remember going Christmas shopping with my dad when I was very young, probably around 5 or so, and picking out this ornament for mom, insisting that we buy it for her. I don’t know why I liked the ornament so much, but it’s now become a part of our tradition. What’s one of your holiday traditions?
Nordstrom Pink Leaves Ornament

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