Happy Franksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all able to enjoy quality time with your friends and family this holiday, and of course a great meal!
You may have noticed in my title that I referred to today as “Franksgiving.” What’s Franksgiving you ask? In my research for tomorrow’s Black Friday post (don’t forget to check back!), I read up a bit on the history of Thanksgiving. As most of us know, Thanksgiving was originally celebrated on the last Thursday of November (thank you Lincoln circa 1863), until President Roosevelt moved the holiday up to the fourth Thursday of the month to extend the holiday shopping season.

The first Franksgiving

Roosevelt’s change took effect (unofficially) in 1939, but was not met with a completely positive response. Some states celebrated Thanksgiving the President’s way, while others held with the more traditional date. One outspoken critic of Roosevelt’s went as far to call it “Franksgiving.” It was not until 1941 that Congress made the date change official. For more on this check out Mental Floss’s article here.
I’m sure that moving Thanksgiving up a week had no effect whatsoever on what we’ve all come to know and love as the start of the holiday season and spending time with our “weird” but completely loveable family members. Here’s to many more Thanksgivings and holidays spent with our crazy families.

I’d love to hear some of your best Thanksgiving stories, so drop me a line or leave me a comment telling me your funniest moment or favorite Thanksgiving traditions!