Am I Too Fat?

Body Image

Yesterday I received an email submitted through my blog. It was submitted anonymously and simply stated: “arnt you too fat to write a fashion blog?” You asked, and now I will answer. 

Dear anonymous,
Simply stated, the answer is “no,” I’m not too fat to write a fashion blog. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Sure, the majority of fashion bloggers you see are probably skinny minnies, but why are they the only ones allowed to blog? The average size of the American woman is a 14, therefore these “skinny bloggers” are aimed at only a small percentage of the population and most women don’t actually fit those size restrictions. Too often the full-figured woman is neglected in terms of fashion advice. According to the NY Times, “Government statistics show that 64 percent of American women are overweight … More than one-third are obese.”
Full-figured women are a much greater percentage of the population than are traditionally recognized in the fashion blogger community. Based on that it’s actually important for people who don’t fit the skinny “model” mold to offer fashion advice – it’s a vastly under-served population. I bring something new and different to the table. I’m proud of my curves and the fact that I can dress appropriately for them. For all of the other full-figured women out there who aren’t sure how to dress for their body or are self-conscious for any reason (not just body shape!) I’m writing for you. I want each and every one of you to feel fantastic in your own skin, to feel beautiful and loved. I want you to be proud of who you are and where you’re going.
What really amazed me about receiving this email was how this came out of nowhere, straight out of left field. It was completely unexpected. Reading those 9 little words hit me like a semi truck. Quickly I was transported back to grade school, jr. high, high school, and even college remembering every time anyone ever hurt me with a snide remark about my size. It’s taken me years to come to terms with the fact that this is me and be okay with it and in the course of 5 seconds I was brought so far down, it seemed as if all of my hard work on accepting who I am had been erased.
Luckily after a few pity tears, a bite or two of pizza (being “fat” means I don’t count those calories), I was ready to face my demons and realize that this comment was not the end of the world. I LOVE that I’m not a size 2, I LOVE my curves, and I LOVE that this sets me apart from the crowd. This is who I am and if you think I’m too fat for a fashion blog then great! But please don’t stop by my page again.
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