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One of my good friends, who happens to be a few years older than me (and by a few I mean 15), was recently complaining that all of us “young girls” are always prepared for photos. She was frustrated because [most of the time] we actually look decent in the photos that are quickly snapped of us. Growing up in a generation of camera on everything from computers to tablets, to smart phones, it’s been bred into us!
Though most of the pictures we post of ourselves online are decent, I think we also know that sometimes you have to take more than one photo in order to get that perfect shot. Not every photo is perfect, and I don’t know about you, but personally I weed out all the seemingly “bad” photos of myself and untag myself in anything less than spectacular. But that being said, we “young girls” simply know how to pose for a photo the minute a camera is whipped out.
So, for my friend who shall remain nameless, here are my tips for always looking good in a photo:
Shoulders Back: Stand up straight and don’t hunch over! This will also help hide any flaws in your midsection you might be self-concious about.
Hand on Hip:  When you place your hand on your hip it creates space between your body and also helps hide any arm flab.
One Foot in Front of the Other: Make sure one leg is slightly in front of the other and bent. This will give you a less of a “deer in the headlights” look.
Tilt Head Slightly: This will help alleviate the double chin.
Work the Angles: By standing at an angle you give the appearance that you’re slimmer than you already are. Not sure which angle is best for you? Practice in front of a mirror.
Smile: Don’t forget to show off that winning smile!
Taking a group photo? Here are some additional pointers:
Avoid standing on the end: You’ll always look heavier standing on the end
Stand Together: Make sure to stand close to each other and not space yourselves out too much.
Do you have any tips to add?
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