Goodbye Iceland!

Iceland, Travel

After our adventurous day hiking a glacier, Jon, Dolly, and I decided to explore the city of Reykjavik more for the remainder of our trip. We ventured out to the local flea market which had great deals on souvenirs as well as lots of Icelandic books. We also visited the National Museum of Iceland and the National and University Library of Iceland.
Over the course of our stay in Iceland we ate pizza, burgers, sandwiches, stopped for coffee, and had traditional Icelandic food. My favorite by far was the traditional Icelandic food we experienced at Fru Berlaug. I enjoyed a Chef’s Salad (which as it turns out is slightly different in Iceland), while Dolly ate a ham pizza with salad, and Jon had a burger. For dessert we had strawberry cheesecake and chocolate cake!

While Jon, Dolly, and I explored, shopped, and ate our way through Reykjavik, Amy went on a Whale Watching Tour. She had a blast and was able to see five humpback whales! She had a blast and highly recommends it.
One our last day in Iceland, Dolly, Amy and I went to the famous Blue Lagoon Spa. Unfortunately for us we went on a day with absolutely terrible weather! It was so windy and rainy outside that our experience was not exactly positive. If the weather have been better we would have enjoyed it that much more, but still we get to say we’ve traveled to the Blue Lagoon!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!