Getting to Know Me & TAG! You're It!


My friend Alyson of Crushing on Clothes recently tagged me in a blog post to get to know her better and so now it's time for me to fill it out! 

Here are the rules:

1. You must post the rules (and link up with who tagged you) 

2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself on the blog post

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then create 11 new questions, then create 11 new questions to ask the people you've tagged

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11 Random Facts About Me:

1. When I was 3 1/2 I was attacked by a golden lab. I have a scar on the right side of my face that extends from my hairline down the entire side of my face. I had 27 stitches and plastic surgery at the time of the attack. You can still notice my scar, and other little marks on my face from the attack. It normally just looks like I was sleeping on my face funny.

2. I live inside a National Forest outside of Granite Falls, Washington. A lot of people think I'm a girly-girl, but I grew up in the country and I love to spend my time there away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Ask me about my experiences growing up where I did. I love to talk about them! 

3. I'm currently writing this post from Iceland.

4. In high school I had an obsession with Converse shoes. I still wear them, though not as much. I have over 30 pairs of low-tops and hi-tops as well as some that go to my knee! 

5. I golf left-handed even though I'm right-handed. I just decided I was more comfortable golfing that way when I started playing in high school, and I stuck with it! 

6. I went to a small private school, Grace Academy, in Marysville, Washington from kindergarten through senior year of high school. There were 23 kids in my senior class. This is where I met some of my closest friends that I'm still great friends with to this day! 

7. I work two jobs – I have my “glamorous” day job doing Marketing & Social Media at Frontier Communications, and then my weekend job at Safeway, where I work in the meat & seafood department. I'm thankful that I have two jobs, although it can be a challenge to balance all of my schedules and personal time!

8. I have never been tanning in my life. In fact, I try to avoid the sun at all costs. I'm very fair-skinned and hate dealing with sunburns. 

9. I absolutely love snail mail! Getting a letter (and sending one back) is one of my favorite things to do! Drop me a letter or a postcard when you're traveling anytime!

10. I don't travel lightly. Even if I'm going away for the weekend I seem to bring at least twice as much stuff as I actually need. I'm aware of the problem and trying to fix it, but I don't think I'll ever be able to change!

11. I hated Twitter and I hated blogging. Then I decided to give Twitter a try, and now I love it. So then I decided I'd try blogging, so here I am!


Alyson's 11 Questions:

1. If you could only travel to one place for the rest of your life, where would it be? I'd have to say Greece! I traveled there in 2010 and I absolutely loved it!

2. What are staples in your fridge? Simply Raspberry Lemonade, milk, cheese, apples, and pudding

3. Who has been the biggest influence in your life thus far? My parents. They have worked so hard to provide for me and have taught me the value of hard work, determination, and doing your absolute best at everything you do.

4. If you could sit down with anyone real, alive, dead or fictional, who would it be? Where would you eat? I would talk to my maternal Grandpa. He fought in WWII and there were lots of questions I would have loved to ask him. I'd love to eat with him at his old house in Idaho. 

5. What is the last thing that made you laugh so hard your stomach hurt? Writing this blog post and remembering good times with friends.  

6. What is the one thing you love about yourself? I love my hair! It's taken me forever to grow it out long and I am terrified of losing it!

7. What has been your favorite age and why? I think 17 was my favorite age. Right before “the rest of your life” really started. It was carefree.

8. Why do you blog? I blog because I finally decided that blogging wasn't that bad. I had a bad attitude about it at first but now I realize it's a great way to connect with new people and share your thoughts and opinions. It's also great for professional development. 

9. What is your favorite junk food? I absolutely love food, especially the unhealthy kind! Cheetos (puffs), chocolate, and ice cream are the top few.

10. What is something you love about yourself? I guess this is simliar to number 6… But this time I'll go with my curves. I love my curves

11. Name a nightmare you've had recently. I hardly ever dream, let alone have nightmares. The last nightmare I remember having I was in high school, and I had a dream that one of my best friends died. I woke up crying. She's still alive and well today though!


My 11 Questions:

1. What is your biggest achievement to date?

2. What is one goal you wish to accomplish this year?

3. What is your favorite book?

4. What is your one piece of advice for new bloggers?

5. Who (or what) inspires you?

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

7. What's your favorite TV show or movie?

8. Three words to describe your ideal significant other?

9. What is your favorite blog post to date (yours or someone else's)?

10. Why do you love social media?

11. What is your dream job?


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