Defining AllThingsKate


If you’re reading this you probably already know me, as this is my first blog post. If you don’t know me, and happen to stumble upon this blog, welcome! I’ll try not to disappoint. Whether you know me or not, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s unique about my blog instead of all the other seemingly “great ones” out there today. Well, it’s probably not that much different except for my witty rapport and snarky sarcasm.
Let’s dissect this a little. All. Things. Kate.
All: the whole quantity
By simply typing “definition of all” into google I find that when used as a predeterminer, all is defined as “used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.”
Well this is interesting, seeing as the next part of my name is Things.
Things: the plural of thing
Basically the word things encompasses all sorts of, (shall I say it?) things. I really don’t want to type the list out but it’s everything and anything, or all things. (When you say things that many times it starts to sound weird, try it).
Kate: a girl’s name for the coolest person you will ever meet
Naturally you know I’m going to pull this one from Urban Dictionary, and what can I say, this definition was certainly written with me in mind!
So let’s recap. Based on the above then AllThingsKate must be the place to learn about all the amazing goings-on of the fabulous Kate.
I’m the coolest person you’ll ever meet. Welcome to my blog.