March 2018


About 3 years ago I was at a yard sale and I saw these jeans. These polka dot J.Crew skinnies were $1 and appeared to be the right size for me. I scooped them up immediately as I was so…

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The Importance of Jewelry Insurance for Travelers

Created in partnership with Jewelers Mutual When Jon proposed in May 2017, he had nearly everything planned. He’d discreetly asked me what I wanted in a ring without raising suspicion, not that I really knew. He’d done his research about…

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Who Represents Me?

A few weeks ago I modeled for a Seattle-based brand. This was not something that I did for my blog, just me being a model. I was excited at the experience because not only do I love to be in…

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So many times I sit in front of a blank WordPress page, cursor flashing at me, waiting for me to type away. It happens too, when I open up Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, trying to figure out what words to…

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How I Get Loose Curls & Waves

My best friend and I have a theory: If you’re a first-born or an only child, chances are your mom styled your hair growing up. You may have grown up without having to learn to braid your hair or style…

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