The Kaiser Permanente CareClinic Flu Shot Experience

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Every fall since I have moved out of my parents’ house, my mom has reminded me that I need to get a flu shot. Actually, some years it’s been less of a reminder and more of a continual pestering. And it’s not just me that she reminds – ever since Jon has been in my life, she’s also “reminded” Jon to get his flu shot, too. Jon has never been a very frequent flu shot receiver, but my mom’s definitely had an influence on him.

This year though, I beat my mom’s reminder text! Kaiser Permanente invited me to come out to one of their CareClinics at Bartell Drugs to get my flu shot. So, I did just that!
I used to think that flu shots were a hassle to deal with: tons of paperwork, long lines at the pharmacy, slow insurance review, and costly to get the flu shot. Luckily, Kaiser Permanente is changing the game with the CareClinic experience, making it quick and easy for you to get a flu shot and be on your way so that neither the flu nor the flu shot keeps you from living your best life. Let me tell you just how easy it was for me!

Before you go in to a CareClinic, you can check the wait time online. I checked my nearby CareClinic on a Friday afternoon before stopping and saw there was no wait, so I headed to the Alderwood CareClinic in Lynnwood. When I arrived, I talked to the pharmacist and requested my flu shot. I was asked to fill out a short one page form and provide my insurance card. After billing my insurance, the pharmacist called me back to the CareClinic, sat me down, administered the flu shot, and then put on my free Band-Aid! After sitting there for a few minutes to make sure I didn’t negatively react to the vaccine, they let me go on my way. All in all it only took maybe twenty minutes.
Most insurance companies are accepted at the CareClinics (not just Kaiser Permanente insurance) and most folks will be able to get a flu shot at no cost to them. 

Twenty minutes isn’t a lot of time to give up, and it’s certainly worth it when I consider the potential alternative. Thankfully, I don’t remember ever having had the flu, probably because I’ve always had my flu shot (thanks mom!), and I don’t care to experience it, so I’ll keep getting my flu shot each year!
Flu season runs from October through March, with the peak around December, so now is the time to get yours if you haven’t already. Thanksgiving is coming, which means your family might end up sharing more than turkey with you. Moreover, the holiday shopping season is nearly upon us and we all know how many germs get shared in public. Avoid the headache (both figuratively and literally), get your flu shot soon, and avoid sharing your own flu germs this holiday season!

Kaiser Permanente wants to make sure everyone stays well, even if you’re not a Kaiser Permanente member. They’re reaching out to as many communities as they can to promote a healthy lifestyle. The CareClinics at Bartell Drugs are just one way they are doing that, which are able to take care of everything from immunizations and sports physicals to the flu, bug bites, and sunburns. A Kaiser Permanente clinician will be happy to take care of you.
This season, make all of us a little healthier and happier, especially my mom, and get your flu shot!

Created in partnership with Kaiser Permanente